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Module 1 - Medical Terminology - Breaking a medical term apart (Ex. prefix, word root, suffix), lesson 2

B5.0 - Know the definition, spelling, pronunciation, and use of appropriate terminology in the healthcare setting.
B5.2 - Accurately spell and define occupationally specific terms rellated to healthcare.
B5.4 - Use medical abbreviations to communicate information.
B5.5 - Know the basic structure of medical terms.

Define each component of a medical term (Ex, prefix, word root, suffix, combining vowel).

Sound out, define each component of a medical term. Medical Terminology can look and sound complex, but its very important to be able to break words down and comprehend their prefixes, word roots, suffixes to prevent any misunderstanding or errors. Mistakes and misunderstandings can be life-threatening.


01 - The Media Industry

02 - Broadcast Journalism

03 - The Birth of Podcasting

04 - How to research a Podcast

05 - How to Write your Podcast


Health and wellness in healthcare, Mod. 9, lesson 4


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