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Module 1 - Medical Terminology - Breaking a medical term apart (Ex. prefix, word root, suffix), lesson 2

B5.0 - Know the definition, spelling, pronunciation, and use of appropriate terminology in the healthcare setting.
B5.2 - Accurately spell and define occupationally specific terms rellated to healthcare.
B5.4 - Use medical abbreviations to communicate information.
B5.5 - Know the basic structure of medical terms.

Define each component of a medical term (Ex, prefix, word root, suffix, combining vowel).

Sound out, define each component of a medical term. Spell and pronounce medical terms correctly.


01 - The Media Industry

02 - Broadcast Journalism

03 - The Birth of Podcasting

04 - How to research a Podcast

05 - How to Write your Podcast


What are return to play criteria?

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