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31 Weeks

Mass Communications


This course is designed to help the student understand the history of Mass Communication, the definition of misinformation and what blogging actually is. This course focuses on social media, journaling, examples of inaccurate information, and how to tell the difference between truth and myth.

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August 7, 2022


August 15, 2022

CTE Certified

Jevon C. McGlory

Instructor bio

Jevon McGlory is a part of the CTE task force for the Arts, Media and Entertainment division. Bringing over 20 years of professional live musical experience and almost 5 years in teaching. Jevon McGlory is currently pursuing a Masters of Arts in Humanities and is also CTE certified. His skills include the musical arts of singing, songwriting, performance and live entertainment. Running his own record label (Dreamtone Media LLC) has also pushed his interests into social media marketing, websites, advertisement and promotion. Jevon thrives in coordinating live events, instruction, and course design and prides himself on being a leader in the workplace, communicating effectively, and networking. Jevon works diligently towards quality and excellence in everything that he does and has claimed service to others as his purpose.

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