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31 Week

Digital Marketing


Introducing Digital Marketing Pathway gives students essential lessons for an entry-level digital marketer professional. The student will learn how to build and manage digital campaigns. In addition, the students will identify market opportunities; analyze and implement marketing strategies fitting the brand's needs while leveraging marketing automation, digital ads, and content creation.

Students will apply critical thinking skills to implement an advertising strategy and identify a target audience for company needs. In addition, students will understand the value of using Digital Marketing tools and methodologies.

The course will introduce the students to collaborative learning while implementing marketing methods to create and distribute Digital Marketing campaigns that include Social Media scheduling, content creation labs, and client-based projects.

This program aligns with and incorporates the California Career Technical Education Model Curriculum Standards, Common Core State Standards as reflected in the Academic Alignment Matrix, and Standards for Career Ready Practice, Anchor, and Pathway Standards.

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CTE Certified

Joshua Head

Instructor bio

Joshua Head is certified in Media Communications and Technology and Google Digital Marketing. He also holds Social Media Agency Certification from Tai Lopez. Additionally, he has 5+ years of experience as a multimedia consultant. His skills include, but are not limited to, the usage of excel/google sheets, Adobe Suite, data analysis tools, social media, and audio production with recording and mixing.

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